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Monday, June 05, 2006

There's a Jew in everyone of you

It seems there is no end to their rule. There is no one they can't buy. There's no one that can't be convinced.

We rule the world, mother fucker, so join us or get on the next space ship out of this planet and just so you know, we own the space ship, the space programme and the planet you are going to land on, it's owned by someone we know (no, we don't own it yet. It won't be as profitable as compared to 10 years from now so we'll just let one of our brothers to run it first. In 10 years time, of course, we'll buy it out. No! Not for our own profit. It's for the good of our stockholders. Provided they go Shalom! and break bread).

You can't spell M-E-D-I-A without including the alphabets J-E-W.

So this is the life of an average human being, i suppose. You've just got home from a hard hitting day at work. It was a rat/paper/money/fame/success chase, as per normal, so fuck it, you're going to put off that book and watch some television.

Let's see, what's on tonight. Hmmmmm....ohhhhh! Let's dwell in the imperfection of the human race, blend it with a little greed and vanity, fuel it with depression (and anti depressents, of course), augmentation and you get *drum roll* The Grotesque aka The Swan! Alright! Sounds like I'm gonna be preoccupied tonight! Let's give me a reason to feel better in the morning, television!

*switches on the cyclops*

Hmmm.....New Nike shoes. Oooooooh, yea! I'm going to get me one of those!

*subliminal messages sent out. Project Fuck-The-World-Over-Because-I-Hated-Robin-Hood-As-A-Kid Begins!*

Need to make a decision? Well, you have come to the right place! We have all the information you need in the world, or shall I say, the Only information you need! Don't listen to anyone else because IF there is anyone else in the world, their Satanic. Or worst still, Pagan!

You want news? Here! Have a complimentry issue of Times. Unworthy? Then how about an issue of Newsweek? Still not enough? Well then have a copy of U.S. News & World Report.

Hmmmm....Not a reading kind-of-guy?

Well, you can always get the news from our "reliable" and "unprejuiced" CNN, Fox and CNBC news channels where our partisan newcasters will tell you how the Iraqi civilians that were killed were actually undercover, plain clothes Iraqi Commandos and how our brave, sharp and patriotic soldiers managed to spot them first, before they could get hold of a gun and validate the Rules of Engagement. Go Team America!

Hungry? Have a free box of Kellogs! On the house! But bring your own milk, bowl and spoon. What am I? A saint?

Well, if you haven't decided, take your mind of life. Live vicarously through our television shows and our movies. We'll give you an all access pass to any one of our sister companies. Not sure which are affiliated to us 'We-bulldoze-over-the-houses-of-the-Palistines-using-
bulldozers-bought-for-us-by-Caterpillar-so-we-can -get-these-Muslims-out-of-"our"-country' folks? Well, it's the ones you know best. I mean, doesn't Mickey Mouse look completely harmless? I should know. I designed it myself.

*Subliminal Messages, Stop.*

Goddamn! I didn't know you could put implants there! God, I love this country.

He who owns the media, owns the world. Go Guerrilla!

Remember the movie Dawn of the Dead and remember how it didn't make sense to you?

It is my wretched duty to inform you that you've been zombified.

We all have.

So have I.

Can we chose to be ignorant any longer?

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