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Saturday, June 03, 2006

The inevitable

We've all talked alot about it in the last year. Exchanging views, opinions and even forecasts and purviews. The emotions, the excitement, the well wishes.

For the past half year, all we've been doing is crawl towards the date. Always seemingly at the back of my head, all I've done for the past couple of months has been in preparation to the date.

The date.

The date.

Funny how a mere odd sequence of numbers could take control of ones' life so drastically. It's like owning a Lamboghini.

So the inevitable is approaching. 2 weeks from today, on the 19th, I'll board that plane, strap in, seats upright, food tray docked, no smoking, no electronic devices, no arab extremists, no explosives, no sharp objects, , no bombs, no mentioning the word bomb, no praying to Allah, no claustophobia, tea not coffee, wine not juice, fish not chicken, yes I'll have the papers, could I have a blanket, maybe an extra pillow?, 8 hours later, the temperature in Melbourne is 2 degrees celsius.

This was coming, always was. It's like Armageddon. The end of what we know. Away from this vulture society and this disgustingly elites education system. Where I won't be judged. Anywhere, but dear old Singapore.

To my friends and loved ones,

This past 22 years of my life has been a roller coaster ride, among other things (see: party, fucking ball, 22 year LSD trip, story, adventure, lesson, jail sentence) and I would not have been Looooofy have I not met you. All of you have been my mother, my father, my brother, my sister, my mentors, my martyrs, my God, my religion, my ultimate belief, my saviours, my heroes, my keepers and my angels and to thank you in words would be unjust.

It's as ineffable as me.

I wish, in a pocket friends kind of way, that I could pack each and every one of you into an island the size of a palm, and whiz you away with me. Together, we will begin to rule and educate misplaced souls and corrupted minds and lay the guideline to humanity.

But realistically, only I have been given this opportunity to leave this "democratic" state for democracy.

19th of June, I will drop a tear, not because I am sad to leave (on the contrary!), but to show you all how much I appreciate your existence.

Three cheers to Looooofy!

Life is not about where you end up. Life is about who you've met along the way.



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