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Monday, June 05, 2006

every step you take...every move you make..

Is there such a thing as free press?

When manupilators have deep pockets and powers like that of a Kryptonian immigrant. When their Prof. X like influence runs deep into the wallets of their Jew counterparts. When votes must be won and when intentions are less then admirable.

When the truth will shock.

When the fight for democracy is but an idealistic dream.

Recent findings and investigations in the US has unraveled many successful attempts, by the Bush Administration, to manupilate the country (and eventually, the world) by serving to the viewers, tainted news and by tainted news, you know I actually mean fake news.

Maybe it could be a coincidence-and I'm sure it's but a mere coincidence and it couldn't possibly be true right? I mean, c'mon, what are they? evil?- that out of the 77 stations found guilty of this 'news fraud', 23 of them are affiliated with the Jew-owned Walt Disney Co.

Call me paranoid or anti-semetic. I'll call myself wise.

Below is an excerpt from an online news site known as

Congress: Investigate and Outlaw Payola Pundits

Secretly paying journalists to promote particular points of view is unacceptable, unethical and illegal. First, there was "payola pundit" Armstrong Williams. Now we learn about two other columnists - Maggie Gallagher and Michael McManus - who signed contracts to promote the president's "marriage initiative." This is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

I ask you again, to what extend do their powers corrupt the things we know? And I do agree that this is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

The next time you read the news, know that there's a possibility that you are being lied too. Next time you eat a bar of any Nestle product, know that kids were bought at $30/life to be slaves in factories that produce that creamy, cocoa filled delight. The next time you drink a can of coke, know that people were assasinated to keep Coca Cola attainable at every convinence shop in the world.

It pays to know.



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